A pretty good Crazy Taxi for GBA, though not much more than fun. Yes, taxi-driving can be fun!

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride GBA
To be short: Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride is nothing fancy. No brilliant gameplay or graphics what so ever. It's just fun. There are four drivers to choose from, all with their own car, but the all drive exactly the same. Only the voices are different. There is Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena and Gus. When you picked your character, choose between the two cities, that is, if you already got the second city. After that, choose from four modes: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and Normal rules (gain seconds by delivering people within the time limit). Really easy: drive around, till you see a person standing along the road, with a red (short ride) yellow (medium ride) or green (long ride) symbol. You stop in front of them, and follow the arrow to get them at the place they want to go (a picture of the spot shortly visualised). Use some drifts in the turns and some shortcuts. What I really missed here was a map in the pause screen or in a bottom corner. When you have enough of the being a taxi-driver stuff, the Crazy Box comes to the rescue! A couple of minigames to keep you busy: Crazy Jump: Speed your way up the ramp and jump past the K point. Crazy Flag: Run over the flag behind the car within the time limit. This is going to require some tight turning! Crazy Balloons: Burst all the balloons as quickly as possible before the time limit runs out. Crazy Drift: Perform 15 combos within the time limit. Crazy Turn: Get the passenger to their destination within the time limit. Crazy Bound: Deliver a passenger again. This time, though, it's a bit tougher, since you'll be spending a lot of time using ramps to jump over patches of ocean. Crazy Rush: Tougher still! Deliver four passengers to their destination in time. Crazy Zigzag: It's Crazy Bound with a twist - can you manoeuvre successfully on this flat course? Crazy Pole: A harder variation of Crazy Rush. As you can see, not a lot of difference, but still nice to be doing in a lost moment. It gives me such a happy feeling.