Finally we have a sequel worthy the name of HOMM.

First of all (..and all the way) I want to compare this game to the previous three games (exept the expansions).
In my opinion, HOMM 3 is one of the best games ever made. So I was really exited when HOMM 4 came out.
But that game really sucked - big time. HOMM 5 was OK, but much of the glory of HOMM 3 was still missing.
Now when HOMM 6 is here, I don't have to pounder old memories of HOMM 3 anymore, as this one is almost as good.

In HOMM 4 the enemy retaliation came directly when you attacked. Your hero was participating in the battles as a "normal" unit and the graphics and sound were half done when the game was released. All this is history in HOMM 6. We are back att having the hero standing at the side of the battlefield, giving orders and using spells when ever it is possible - once per turn. The turn system was turned (ha ha) up side down in HOMM 5, when the initiative of different units made it possible to use some units several turns in a row between slower unit turns. This made HOMM 5 suck even if much of the game was made better then HOMM 4. In HOMM 6 the game is back on traditional turns, wich means that all units get activated one time per turn and all heroes can use spells or orders once (+ one additional new feature).

But what about HOMM 3? Is HOMM 6 as good - why? / why not?

Well. In HOMM 3 the exploration of the map was the best part, even if the battle and general strategic parts of the game also was top notch. I don't feel the same satisfaction when I run around the map in HOMM 6. This, I guess, have to do with the view - as the view in HOMM 3 let you se much more of the map. But there is a lot of cool buildings to visit and the 3D feel that both HOMM 4 and HOMM 5 aimed at is finally OK - HOMM 3 was all 2D. The artifacts (with sets) and the leveling of heroes is much like HOMM 3, wich is all good. Where the HOMM 6 seems to be a bit on the weak side is the story being a bit to messy. Either give us more background story right away or don't make such a complicated ordeal for starters! But sure, I'll get used to these characters as I did with the once in HOMM 3 (even the other two sequels could build up a interesting storyline that seemed easier to follow then HOMM 6).

There are still some problems with bugs and lack of information to. My game have freezed a couple of times (been playing about 30 hours and the game have died like 5 times). Also, Iäve leveled up some skills that dosn't seem to change my hero - like the magic power for different elements, my air damage dosn't seem to change even if I boost up these skills (the magic power (AIR) that is.



Some buggs (still)