Kick ass!

To fans of any action game ever,
Pick up God of War.
Simple as that. This game, from start to finish, is an amazing imersive expierience that has your heart racing the moment you watch the intro movie.
When watching gameplay footage I was a little intimidated by what seemed to be a complexed fighting system. But I put my doubts away, picked up this game, and boy were my fears unfounded! The battle system works so well that you can pull off sick looking combos with little effort. Don't think that this means that the fighting is shallow, because it is anything but, it is just so intuitive and it just works.

There are some puzzle solving in this game but none of them are too hard and can easily be figured out by just using common game knowledge. Even if they seem a little too easy at times, you really don't care because you're having so much fun fighting the grunt enemies, collecting orbs, etc.

Again, to anyone that considers themselfs a fan of action games owes it to themselves to pick this up. This is an instant classic that I will enjoy for years to come.