Gets repetitive but while it lasts it's pretty fun.

User Rating: 8.2 | Crazy Taxi DC
Well Crazy Taxi was a game launched pretty early in the Dreamcast's cycle. It was built on the brand new Naomi arcade engine that was based upon the dreamcast's architecture so you cannot be disappointed about the graphics (for a Dreamcast game that is). The goal of the game is very simple : your a taxi driver, bring persons to point A to point B. But everything between point A and B is over the top. Your car will be screaming trough traffic and pedestrians will be, in deed, screaming. It is exactly a riot in streets and each facet of the game is made for pure enjoyment, to the music (which is made by groups like the offspring, which is rather nice) and the gameplay. But one griping problem with this game is that it gets old quick. Yes there is maybe two cities to cruise trough and some mini games and a code to shuffle all of it (point A and B are placed at different places) but it still gets old. But heck, its still an awesome game to wip out when you have some pals around and lets not all forget that I was an arcade game at the first place so I guess it is actually worth your while now that you can find dreamcast games at barely 10$.