A must for anyone who owns a Dreamcast.

User Rating: 8.9 | Crazy Taxi DC
I don't normally like racing games apart from burnout, but when my brother first got Crazy Taxi when I was a kid, even I wanted to try it and this is before I got really in to gaming in my teenage years. Luck for me my brother kept his Dreamcast and I got it, when he was done. Then I pick up Crazy Taxi a few years ago and i'm still playing it today, so it has stood the test of time. There isn't really a story, all you do is pick one of four drivers and pick up customers drop them off at different destinations such as tower records, KFC and the Levi's store. Your job is to get the quickest time possible, if you take too long your fares will jump out and you will lose any points, that you would have gotten from getting then to their destinations. There are a few different game modes, the main is play by arcade rules, you have until the time limit counts down to zero, then work for 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Apart from that there is the crazy box mode, which is a series of mini games. The soundtrack I like, but it depends on personal preference. Overall a excellent arcade port and well worth your time and money.