Catchy soundtrack and charming art style but it's too focused on pay-to-play genre

User Rating: 5 | Crazy Market VITA

Working as a cashier might not be the perfect job for everyone either your young or old it can be repetitive, hard-going, time-consuming most of this in real can be a drag for some people. Something like this does actually appear in video games too Crazy Market is yet one of those free-to-play games which can be downloaded on to iPhone or something you can find on Facebook; you can also download this on the PlayStation Vita. Like in real life it's your first day on the job and choose on who you want to play take control of one of two characters the new girl Lulu or the dynamic Eugene before taking their position behind the cash register to learn to do what a cashier does best behind the till.

The first few missions are very straight forward you'll be using the touch screen to grab items that come down the till you all you have to do is grab the item and scan it in on the red scanner on the bottom screen. You have to place in the middle of the red scanner or they won't scan or worse you drop the item by accident, meaning you've failed the level. Certain items like eggs or sweets you have to place a number code on the bottom right hand-side of the screen, so if you scan some eggs in you would have to tap in a simple bar code in like 111. You will get certain cashier abilities like using a laser scanner, or the power to slow down or speed up the tills speed.

At the start of each level you'll be given a cup of coffee before starting the level your more than likely to get at least 5-6 cups every time if you do play this on a day-to-day basis. You'll get coins which you can pick up after scanning items on the till or completing a level, but if you want more coins which can unlock more stuff you can use real money as lowest as 99p/$0.99 which you can use to purchase more coins or cashier abilities or barcode items. This might a fun game for at least the first 10 minutes but it can really feel repetitive and going through the same process over and over again, there is trophy support for this if you do want to get something out of Crazy Market. It does have some eye-catching art style and a catchy soundtrack to listen when playing Crazy Market but it's still too focused on a pay-to-play system.