Wow.....can it get anymore unrealistic?

Evereyone said it would be an amazing game. I thought so too. Im a fan of the Battlefield seris on the PC, but I had a feeling the developers weren't ready for the jump from the PC to consoles. Campaign is short and has horrible storyline. Multiplayer is unrealistic and can get the best shooter players frustrated. How is it unrealistic u ask? Let me just throw out a few examples. If a tank were to hit a lightpost, would the tank be half way destroyed and the post stll standing? If your aiming too close to someone, will the bullets fly right through them? Those are just a few examples but to truley know you have to play it. If you don't believe me, I highly recommend you to rent it first. If your a hardcore shooter fan, you wouldn't like this game.
In all BF2MC is a game you shouldn't own.