New, Fresh, and Fun. I hope to see a sequel that picks up the games shortcomings.

User Rating: 8.5 | de Blob WII
DeBlob is an inovative new idea and translates very well to the Wii. It is tons of fun to paint a town and be able to physicaly see your triumph over the dull and the grey.
Your job, playing as a large paint (?) blob, is to restore Chroma City to its vibrant colors and atmosphere that were removed during the INKT Corporation control. To an older someone, it is very obvious to see the signs that this game's message is that the freedom of speech helps save us from oppression, but that's all wrapped up in a small, cuddly, fun to play package called DeBlob.
DeBlob is not a game for serious gamers, but rather a party game, or just to chill out after a stressful day because of it's happy-go-lucky atmosphere amplified by the Cheery colors that DeBlob paints the town to the comical cut-scenes to the cartoon art style used to design the game. Another big plus to the game is the amazing soundtrack that goes perfectly with the game.
On the downside, no matter how much fun it is to throw DeBlob around with a fling from the Wiimote, it needs some work in the control department. It's hard to accurately jump because the fling can make him go in a whole 'nother direction and end up fustrating the user if they end up falling off a building they climbed or something.
Overall, DeBlob is a good game, although not for serious gamers, and I hope to see a sequel with better control and a more engrossing and developed storyline but it's off to a good start.

Fun: *****
Idea: *****
Story: ***
Gameplay: ***
Music: *****
Replay Value: ***
Multiplayer: ****