Cradle of Rome Cheats For PC

  1. Unlock Villagers

    Perform the listed requirements during a level to unlock the associated villager.

    Code Effect
    Perform a chain reaction of 15 blows after building a Colosseum Gladiator
    Perform 15 tile breaking moves in rapid succession after building a Mill Miller
    Make a 5-piece match after building a Farm Farmer
    Gain 10000 points in 10 levels after building a Forge Smith
    Receive 2000 units of supplies in one level after building a Quarry Miner
    Receive 3000 units of food in one level after building a Field Peasant
    Perform 2 combos in succession after building a Tavern Wine Maker
    Perform 3 combos in succession after building the Tabularium Scholar
    Finish a level in 3 minutes after building the Pantheon Priest
    Receive 3000 gold in a single level after building the Forum Orator
    Produce 3 consecutive 5 part combos after building the Port Fisherman