This game captures the same smash and crash feeling as its predicessors with a few modified and updated tweaks. First off we are faced once again with the total destruction and mayhem in races, crash events, burnout laps and the norm, however, a new Eliminator event type which is now based on time instead of laps which shortens the time spent on the events and lessens the repitition of laps. HOWEVER, this game was deffinatly not as good as it could have been, a wider variety of tracks was desperatly needed, especially when comming torwards the end of the game because there was an inspireing feeling of "Been there, done that" which made the game somewhat boring at points. Overall however, this is a fantastic game with slight imporvements over Burnout 3, although this game could have been one of the best racing games of this console era if more dedication was taken in the building/classification/types of cars presented during this game, more tracks were added (or a system like that of PGR3 was created with a whole board to choose maps from).