An amazing game but the fact the to story is so bare really does let it down

User Rating: 8.8 | Riot Act X360
Crackdown is a fun game and should not be overlooked due to the fact its got the Halo3 beta. Even without it i would still say buy it because u get a lot of fun and a good laugh out of it. The story begins with u being this kind of super cop called an agent and your mission is to rid 3 gangs that have taken over Pacific City . U start off in the Agency building which is based in the middle of the map and makes it easy to travel to the 3 islands which make up the city. So the first job of the day is to go get your car and drive out of the Agency building . As soon as u leave your already stuck into the battle when the los Muertos gang attacks cops outside the the building. This is pretty easy and helps you learn the controls of shooting and such. then its on to the first gang leader, make your way to her and kill her( pick up any useful weapon along the way). Once u killed her instead of going to the next, go find a supply point so it can store the guns u took from the gang members and then continue on with your mission. The gameplay is great. Its got elements of lots of games which are kind of based around open world like GTA and even The hulk due to the jumping and such. So think Grand Theft Auto with superheros and that what crackdown is. he world is pretty dam big and if compared to a GTA game i would say it was a lot bigger then GTA Vice City, There also an rpg element to it as well as you are able level up 5 thing which are agility, driving, explosives, strength and weapons. Each can level up to 4 stars and it take sometimes to level up but is worth it because with a skill like agility , when its full u be able to jump much higher and further then if u didn't level it up and with driving the better the level the cooler the Agency Car looks and well be a lot faster and become more easy to drive. The world is just so open and other stuff to do like foot races and driving races are fun to. The finally great thing is u can play it co-op as well and can help other people with mission and such plus u can take the guy you been working on so u be able to still jump really high, still have the weapon u got over the game and such. The graphics are really good to. Keeping to the theme that u are a kind of superhero they made it cell shaded which in my own views i feel is much better then going for the real look, Characters models are really good to and there a few so u can make your agent look different to. The music is not really my kind of thing but again this is just my views, no real voice acting apart from the guy who talks threw out the game which does get annoying. It starts of ok when u start playing for the first time and he give u some handy tips but half way in you wish he would just shut up and let u get on with it, Plus he also get stuff wrong a lot when he says thing like this is a great view when your not even climbing up a building.

Well we move on to the value which really lets it down now there a great number of guns and cars and there quite a bit to do but the story, well the fact is apart form killing gangs there is no story, its pretty much u killed that leader go find the next and so on. also the gang leaders aren't even that hard to kill, even the king pin are pretty easy. But yeah the fact that there no back story or no real incite into the main story is a real let down but u be playing this for a while due to the mayhem and co-op over xboxlive .

So to sum up Crackdown is a great game that has a lot inside it. If u like me then u be taken it slow and having fun while playing. but if u rush threw it kinds of spoils the game, The co-op is one to watch out for in this game and overall even without the Halo3 beta i would still say buy it.