This is the FPS mother of all --------------------------------------- The Half-Life:Counter_Strike

User Rating: 9.7 | Half-Life: Counter-Strike PC
The Half Life Series is the best FPS on all console,But the Half Life Splits to many thing, and the Counter-Strike is one of them, but it has somthing diffirent in it so here we are .

1. The old Counter-Strike: It Has A great aciton moves in it and a great inventory of weapons in it that you can choose from Old weapons to modern weapons and the online mode is too great

2. Counter-Strike Condition Zero : It is great game that you can fly along the earth you can go to many countries and you can pick up more than 29 weapon in your inventory as you can see you can fight alone or with your mates you can use stealh mode you can use cameras you can use every thing in the mlitary so this kind of game is too great

3. Counter-Strike 1.6 : Thisgame is just like the old Counter-Strike but It has five new weapons in it like (Famas,pluged,P Sheild And more)

This is the whole counter strike events