Legendary Game. Classic. More classicy than mario!

User Rating: 9.7 | Half-Life: Counter-Strike PC
Obviously this is the best FPS game on the planet for any system. I had this game since 2 years after it came out. Amazing its still one of the games im only playing. I'm in cal-m so thats one of the reasons ; ]

The graphics arnt the best for 2005. They arnt the worst either. Maybe in 1999 this was the game to play. The game play is basically like halflife's but in a different game play : \
Its online only unless you get condition zero which is a expansion of the game that has new skins and a single player feature. The game is basically free with halflife, condition zero, or blue shift, (possibly opposing force). I like the game for the skill you need. The way you shoot, the way you do everything depends on how you get that 5 man + ace. Don't get cs:s unless you are a graphic wh*** because the game is horrible compared to cs.