User Rating: 9.4 | Half-Life: Counter-Strike PC
This game is ABSOLUTELY great. I mean i got this game in 2000 right when it came out and i STILL PLAY IT TODAY! THIS IS THE ONLY REAL game i play everyday for 3 years straight!!!I have never played a game everyday for 3 years straight. This game is STILL the most popular played game online today! This game deserves a high rating. the only reason why i am giving it a 7 in graphics is because its a lil dated. but if i rated it at the time it was released i would have given it a 9. so this game in all respects is AWESOME. buy/download it. you can go to websites and get it for free but you have to download the patches. try its good website with stuff. Once more, this game is very very good and deserves a 9.4/10