For a game from 2004, it feels really outdated and its many flaws ruin the fun more times than not.

User Rating: 6.8 | Counter-Strike: Source PC
Counter-Strike: Source is the multiplayer portion of Half-Life 2, it's also the single most popular online game besides World of Warcraft as of this writing. To it's advantage the game is also inadvertently simple to play, and mission tasks are simple. There are two sides fighting against each other: terrorist and counter-terrorist. The CT main objective is to usually prevent a bomb from going off or to rescue hostages, and the terrorists usually try and plant a bomb. This may seem like a dull concept, but it's good enough to get the game off the ground.

That's about all the praise I have for the game at this point. I was expecting so much more of this game that has (for me) been hyped to death by my friends. This review will be very to the point with what I hate about this game and what I like.

Graphically this game is feeling pretty outdated, it kind of reeks of a half geometry half polygonal environment more so than you would typically like, everything is very simply shaped. The only real praise I can give is for the weapons textures, while outdated, still look very nice when the graphics are up high enough. It's a pity that this game hasn't been maintained to look more modern. With that said, for it's time it was a very good looking game, and parts of it still shine, but most of that is from either updates or playing on new maps entirely. I'm hoping for a new version soon.

One of the areas this game actually soars is level design. The levels are all very open ended allowing for multiple insertion points to a single area. Unfortunately sometimes these are very obvious and used to get easy kills by waiting around a corner more than you would like. Also, most maps have a very obvious slant to which team gets the advantage. There is always one no matter which way you put it, one team is disadvantaged. This makes things very frustrating and sometimes infuriating to put up with on a per map basis.

Another issue with CS: Source is the ease of a headshot. A headshot should be a very very well placed shot to the head by a low spread weapon. In CS: Source it's much too easy to achieve a headshot from even across the map. I can't recall how many times I've gotten headshots by pure luck firing a machine gun, which should by no means have enough accuracy to achieve that. It seems too easy and meaning anyone can hide behind it as an excuse to use an aim bot, which is another problem I have with the game.

There doesn't seem to be any mechanism in Counter Strike: Source to prevent any type of cheating. I have been in so many games where it was obvious that the guy who came around the corner and suddenly shot you in the face while you had the element of surprise is ridiculous. Please don't get me wrong either, there are some fast reflexed players out there, but I know an aim bot when I see it.

Speaking of bots, there just shouldn't be an option to have them in your server. I cannot stress enough how many times I've entered servers and there have been nobody but bots playing. Sometimes I even gave up playing for the entire day because I became so infuriated with the entire process of connecting to a game only to realize there actually isn't anyone there.

Overall this game feels too dated for me to enjoy at this point, I had some fun with it when I grew bored of Day of Defeat: Source and now it will probably sit in my Steam account for just that.