New Server and MAP beta testing.

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Hello, I'm 'Your New Gynecologist' on Steam and I am a veteran CS:S player looking to popularize my server and maps with beta testing involved also. You can join my server which is hosted by me at but be warned it is at its best when you connect via eastern United States. Current map in BETA testing: de_drugmart2012_beta.bsp (Author; Your New Gynecologist) Current map rotation: cs_office, de_dust2 Current mods: Mani Admin (Most modules in process) Current bots: 2 Current players: 1 (at time of post) **me** Location of host: Southern Kentucky The physics properties and collision forces have been modified for beta testing on maps in beta status. All maps are not artisan made and should not expect highly skilled mapping through every beta. Beta maps will not be fully completed until I fully detail everything, fix all bugs and bot interactions, textures and full sky boxes. Please join and enjoy the new maps, they are not in rotation so you and others will need to vote for the map. If you have any questions or need admin powers cast on a player please add me to your friends list and send me a message. -- Your New Gynecologist --