True Counterstrike?

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Will the game stick true to its nature of taking actual skill and play-time to get into, what with the bhopping, and little tricks to succeed, or will it start to do like all other shooters and pretty much be a copy of Call of Duty?
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Have you ever played Counter Strike before?


It was created by gamers, for gamers.


Its the adpidimy of skill when it comes to video games in general.


Its like the bible of first person shooters.


Its nothing like call of duty, and you don't have to worry about how balanced it is.

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Yea its goin to be the same old Counter-Strike just with hd and all that **** I mean Valve is goin to go and make a call of duty clone, they're not retarded.

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so far it plays exactly like the origianl counter-strikes, even got the classic maps :)

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Um sorry to burst your bubble but it plays pretty similar to cod. Thats not a bad thing either, but only thing it doens't have is the kill streaks and weapon selection.

Personally I stick with cs have since the beginning almost.

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your a f****** idiot.

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How does it play like COD? Because its a FPS? I think its very similar to the original

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How does it play like COD? Because its a FPS? I think its very similar to the original

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your a f****** idiot.

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How doesn't it feel similar to cod? I'm not saying I play cod over this, I hate cod but it's fairly similar, so dude grow up, calling names doesn't make you look cool even when defending the game, makes you a troll. Idiot.

I just hope the issues on the 360 version are not as bad as others are saying.

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it more plays like cod now,,but mostly its just the new skins and the overhaul of the game that makes it looks like cs:cod not cs.go ,,just look at the maps they are freaking call of duty now and look like Alladins palace,,where the magic carpet,,

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and the voices ot the new skins how the speak to each other makes it like call of duty,,modern warfare 4 ,,




in game chat voices,,,so this new cs u can now call a futuristic update,,just like cod

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the sheik seeking oil said,or we have much oil and gasoline,i will ride on my fine carpet,,even today=) ,,



ahh a new map called cs_gasoline would be nice or de_gasoline  =)



or   De_alladin   cs_alladin ,,

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its basecally still cs with updates Skins even today,,with improved graphics and some few new stuff and some taken away=)

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I lol'd @ "it plays like cod." Try to get a single shot head shot with an ar and get a kill in cod. Doesn't happen. That is just one example. How in your right mind did you make a likeness of this to cod? Now granted I like cod but that's mainly because the aiming is soooo smooth and responsive. I love CoD for that! I wish the developers did that for CS GO because if they did I would've already sold my MW3.
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btw, I'm not referring to the MK14 either. That damn thing is the sniper rifle of choice in CoD.
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Nothing like COD, CS is way better.
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CS has its own style of gameplay that, to me, is unmatched by COD or other titles. For instance, in Dust 2 as a CT you buy an m4, kevlar, and your equipment; spending all your money you had saved up from the previous few rounds. You start going towards B and immediately get dinked in the head from through double doors within 10 seconds from the start of the round. It's moments like this that shape the way CS is played.