A CS Sequel which lacks the action.

User Rating: 5.5 | Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC
A disappointing CS game.The computers are too strong,getting kills is not easy,and the maps are ok,but some has so many twists and turns that you get ambushed from a hidden spot.Weapons are pretty much the same,and characters too.Your team mates hardly help you and the enemies A.I. is bad,really bad.It seems as it the weapon's damage been reduced,or there's just no difficulty level except hard.What happened to the other Counter Strike?Where's that mass killing from from before?You just can't find the answer in this game.So don't buy it.Rent it or go here to read the reviews and see the score.Trust me,if you bought it,oh well,that's a crucial mistake.If they tweaked some things,it could be another CS classic and will impress people.Fortunately i played this in a cyber cafe,so i didn't need to waste any thing---except time.Over all,it's pretty disappointing,and a better game would do.