Time to kill some monkey's. A fun game it could be better but nothing is perfect. It has a great story so buy it now!!!

A great game killing human stealing their brain stems for there DNA. Its a truely fun game you play as Crypto a clone who has been sent ,by his boss pox who stay in the mothership,to collect human DNA and save Crypto's clone 'Crypto 136' who was sent down first. It fun reading humans minds but it get a bit boring as you hear the same few things over and over again. Blowing up bulidings in the saucer is good fun as well. It could do with more wepons. You can buy upgrades by giving Pox DNA. The jet pack is alright 'not as good as the one in the second game but aleast you can make up for your mistakes'. The story is funny with little jokes in it. The side missions aren't really good but its an easy way of getting your DNA amount up. Picking up humans with your mind powers and dropping them to their deaths is always fun. Its a really good game and i hope you buy it. I personally prefer the second game so get that as well.