no real improvements over CS, except bots and missions

User Rating: 8.5 | Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC
Graphics are not improved much (if at all) over CS. The missions help noobs practice a bit or experience something different. Bots are a nice addition to this game. The community for this game is small and never was that large to begin with, so youll probably play CS instead. The feel is slightly different compared to CS, seems faster perhaps, as it takes a tad bit of adjusting when u jump fro CSCZ to CS and back. Overall, this is a purchase only necessary if you dont own CS. Since CSS already came out (as I am reviewing this long afer I played it) I wouldnt recommend this purchase. But considering the time when I did play this, this game would have scored decently high, as it came with counter strike, which is a wonderful online game. Not much else to say, I just need to make more words so this review will process. Blah blah blah. Buy CSS or the half life package. Better yet, just get Team Fortress 2.