Short and sweet like candy!

User Rating: 8 | Costume Quest PS3
Cute, goofy, short but funny! It's about twin brother and sister, who get separated from one another because their sibling gets kidnapped by one of the many monsters in their neighborhood that were stealing candy from the trick-or-treaters. Your goal is to save your sibling and stop the monsters and their plan to steal all the candy.

Battle system:
Simple but awesome. The battle system is mostly turn-based, the only real-time aspect of it is that you can block attacks and deal a stronger attack by quickly hitting the button that the screen displays. Each costume comes with an awesome special ability, plus they all look so cool!

I beat and 100%-ed this game in 1 and a 1/2 days, so needless to say, it was easy, but it was meant to be fun, not challenging and annoying. I can see this game being a Halloween tradition for me.

The only thing that bugged me about the game was the lack of audio; I would have liked voice acting, but even then, they could have done the Animal Crossing mumbling talking and it would have been better than nothing. The complete silence in cut scenes (other than a sound effect here and there) made the scene feel boring; some loud and dramatic music to go along with the entire scene would have been appreciated.

I was sad at the audio related flaws of the game because I felt that it would really make it so much better, but like I said, this game is short, easy, and so fun that I can definitely see this being a Halloween tradition!