platformer based on the Seven-up Spots adventures

User Rating: 3.6 | Cool Spot GB
There's not much to see here. you control the spot, and can jump and shoot in (i think, i might be wrong) 6 directions. you scroll merrily along a 2-d plane and jump to free other spots trapped in cages and reach the end of the level. It's been an incredibly long time since i last played it, and the game doesn't have a save feature, so i only got to about the third level- but i can assure you its not anything special. The not being able to shoot in certain directions gets verrrry pesky. there are different background elements to each stage, such as floating balloons you can grab on to and swing across the top of the level in triumphant fashion, as well as other gimicky set peices in later levels. the same graphics are re-used over and over again, but it doesn't really hurt the game too much. Please note this is a review from a more modern perspective- i don't really know ow good it looked or played in '94, but i don't think anyone really cares, judging from the lack of anything relating to the game i've found. If you find it at a yard sale or something for 2$, it might just be worth the 30 minutes it'll take you to complete it.