User Rating: 8.9 | Cool Spot GEN
Back in the '90s when I had and played with my Sega Genesis alot, there was a game that always appealed to me, even after quite some time owning the Genesis. That game was Cool Spot. During this time period, 7-UP used it's red spot as quite the character to portray the soft drink. Now we know 7-Up as being 'up yours' but back then, Cool Spot WAS 7-UP. So the cool people at Virgin Games said, lets make a game about this cute little red dot with sunglasses. What an excellent idea. Cool spot is one of the most refreshing, and vastly colorful platform games that the Genesis has ever seen, in my eyes it ranks up there with Toe Jam and Earl. Cool Spot's adventures take you from the beach to the likes of a children's bedroom. Kind of like Toy Story, you are small, and everything else is big, and you must interact with these environments in order to save all your Spot brothers and sisters. This game is truly one of a kind, and if it's still available as a preowned game somewhere and you want to dust off your Sega Genesis, by all means give this game a try and get nostalgic!