Army of Two 40th day is the continuation of Rios and Salem's bloody endeavors this time in Shanghai

Army of Two 40th Day is a 3rd person shooter featuring two familiar mercenaries, Rios and Salem. They get stuck in Shanghai when it starts getting blown to pieces during their second mission as T.W.O. (their newly formed company).

I rented this game with my brother because we wanted to play some video games together but didnt have a good co-op game that both of us could play. We were both pleasantly surprised with Army of Two 40th Day! Army of Two 40th Day is a very fun and addictive game to play. It served as a great co-op game that kept me and my bro entertained and wanting more.
The one thing we kept asking ourselves was "WTF is going on?!", we had no idea what was happening with the storyline, all of a sudden Shanghai was getting destroyed and we were shooting people. Another downside is that we finished the game in probably about 6 hours. Although there is replay value because we didnt unlock all of the guns and attachments, so there is definitely reason to play through a second or third time.
Aside from that though the endless encounters with bad guys was fun and choosing from a huge arsenal of weapons, including tons of different customization options, was rewarding! The game also incorporates fun little additions like playing rock paper scissors with your buddy to settle decisions, performing co-op actions that the first Army of Two was known for, and my favorite; mounting a bayonet on the front of your gun!

Unfortunately we didnt get a chance to play it online so I will leave that out of the review.

- Awesome co-op
- Action packed gameplay
- Neat morale aspect to the game
- TONS of guns and customization options
- Graphics are good

- There is relatively no storyline
- Movement is a little awkward sometimes
- Short campaign

All in all if your looking for a fun, addictive, 3rd person shooter that has great co-op Id recommend this game for sure!

I give this game a 7.5/10