7-ups mascot, Spot, makes a jump into the game world.

User Rating: 8 | Cool Spot GEN
This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, and it still is today.


Spots friends have been captured and imprisoned and now it's up to Spot to save them.


This is a solid plattformer game, with solid controls.
You simply go from the left side to the right side, but it's not that simple you have to collect a certain number of cool spots the open the spots cages.
In easy you need 30 spots, in normal you need 60 and in hard you need 90.
If you collect a higher number of cool spots you gain access to a bonus stage where you can collect continues and extra points.
In easy you need 75, in normal 85 and in hard 95.
Also you need to hurry since you have a time limit on you.


The music is some of the best on the Genesis. (In fact, I'm listening to "Rave Dancetune" right now.)


This game is a great classic for the Genesis (and SNES).
This game get's a 7.8 / 10.