Advertising proves itself the master of evil helping to create a game you can't put down.

User Rating: 8 | Cool Spot GEN
As most of you probably know, advertising peoples are the 4th greatest evil in the world (right under terrorists, teenagers, and hobos). And nowhere is that more evident than in the brilliant and immorally bankrupt 7up campaign.

Honestly, I'm not even sure if 7up even exists anymore. But back when I was a kid (a.k.a. evil teenager) it was a great "lemon lime" soda. Why it was called 7up I'll never know. I'll also never know why people thought it tasted like lemon-lime. It tasted like sugar. And a whole lot of it.

The advertising execs needed to get kids hooked on this sugar water. They tried a bunch of different approaches. Things like having a stranger in a car pull up to kids on the street and offer them soda and candy. Or putting ads in nudey magazines and handing them out to children. They even tried replacing their parents with giant bottles of 7up. None of it seemed to work.

Then they got the great idea of creating a cute little charming character out of the "dot" in the name of the drink "7.up". It worked amazingly well. All the evil advertisers did was take the red spot, throw some sunglasses on him (because sunglasses are cool). Made him wear gloves (it worked for Michael Jackson). And made him wear converse sneakers (just like Marvin the Martian). Voila! Instant irresistable character!

Kids ran in droves to the store buying what should be illegally high amounts of concentrated fructose syrup! The spot couldn't be avoided! He was everywhere! And kids forced their parents to buy everything with his face on it. Including the game "Cool Spot"

Now, most games made from the idea of soda pop characters suck. I'm sure we all remember the horrible RC Cola Racing. And who can forget the downright dumb Dr. Pepper's Plastic Surgery Arena. But, despite all those travesties, Cool Spot is one hell of a fun game. Which officially makes the advertising people behind 7up prime candidates for hell.

Cool Spot is a simple enough premise... You're that spot guy, and you have to go save other spot guys. For some reason they've been kidnapped and thrown into cages. You have to battle your way through enemies by avoiding them or throwing little soda bubbles at them. It's charming as hell. And the game play is awesome.

The levels are great too. You're a tiny spot, so you're in a big world. Things are so fun to jump around on. You play at the beach, avoiding crabs and flies. You play in a toy room avoiding bouncing balls and wind up robots. You also play inside of walls...avoiding rats in pajamas and black widows. And it's a blast!

As you run through the levels you collect little spots everywhere on your way to save your spot buddy. You also collect 7up logos, and bottles of the soda....are you seeing how deviantly clever all of this is? They made a fun game based on soda pop!!!! And your prime directive is to save the imagery of the soda pop!!! Imagine what else they could do?!! We were lucky they didn't rule the world to be honest.

So there you go. Evil in a box. Your parents were worried about you watching 30 minute commercials disguised as cartoons...but never did they think that you would be sucked into an interactive world, worshiping a soda icon.