Fun for only a short period of time.

User Rating: 5.5 | Cooking Mama DS
Whether you like the simple but addictive play of games for the DS I assure you that the novelty of this game will wear off. At first its high addictive and leaves you reaching for it even after you turn it off for the night and say that you're done. The fact is that soon after that the play becomes repetitive and dull, The challenge that was first presented by the time limits for each step quickly ends and you end up with more than enough time to do the simple tasks that the game lays out. This is a game thats better rented then actually purchased. By day two I was more than bored with it and had gotten down all the tasks that the game laid out. Another problem with the game is that while you get a ranking for how well you make each meal there is no real gain for finishing the meal. You don't really move up in levels, they just give you the recipes and say alright make this and do it with this many steps and give you a time frame in which to have it complete. All and all it really isn't even worth the time.