The 2nd game in Cooking Mama series in DS, a very addictive game that let you cook for your friends also

User Rating: 8 | Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends DS
This 2nd game looks kinda like the first one, but with more add.
Unlike the 1st, the 2nd one is totally.."girls". For example the menu is glittered and shimmered (something like that) with rainbows, flowers, hearts as the arrow, and pastel colors.

You could change mama's outfit (colors and type of dresses such as Chinese dress), mama's accessories (the bandanna's color, eyeglasses, and etc), the color of cooking utensils, the background (from plain house to castle), and many more. But to do so, you have to collect them by cook for your friends. Beside cooking for your friends you could practice cooking with Mama and earn bonus to get presents.

The foods that you could make are not only centered in Japanese style but also western style, like T-bone Steak, Waffle, Sea Bream Carrpacio, Pizza, Panna Cotta, Chili Dog, Bagel. Kimchi, and many more that you could get as you progress.
The process in making food too has expend with many innovative and addictive action like Roll out the pizza (to make a nice crust), Grinding, Mixing, Peel the peanuts, Arrange the fridge, Catch the ingredients, and etc.

The only bad side about this game is... the layout!. Even though as I said before it's too 'girly', but the 'pinky' and 'flowery' layout makes this game kinda ''hard to see''.

Overall it's a very addictive game with a very innovative way to play DS. Some people might find this game boring because of the layout, but the in-game challenges are interesting.