"Even better than Mama" That's right, I am haha.

User Rating: 7.5 | Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends DS
I've tons of fun playing this game. But when you first turn it on and it loading up you have to wait for these two little children to pop up and Mama, I want to play I don't want to have to keep waiting for them to pop up. But after that minor annoyance it's straight up cooking magic!


There is 80 different recipes to unlock which I think is more than enough to have fun with. Because you have to get bronze, silver and gold. So if you're a perfectionist or just like to play games to the max then you can always try to get all the recipes to gold. There is a wide variety of dishes and it is quite an easy game but in a relaxing way. After you have finished your recipe you get a picture of it at the end, it's always perfect! I sometimes burnt my food and it still looks fabulous, so I would have preferred the food to look how I actually cooked it.

If you have trouble doing a certain part of a recipe or just really enjoyed it then you can go into practice mode where you can practice certain parts of a dish. I loved the chopping and the way the mic is used to blow and cool the food down. If you are really impressed with a dish you've created you can save it in your diary which I found quite cute. You get bonus from doing parts in the recipes in certain times, you do it quickly you get a bonus, you get five bonuses then you get a choice of three presents which means you can unlock clothing and accessories for Mama and also stickers.

Sounds and graphics

The sounds are cute; everything has a different sound like the chopping, slicing, boiling, grating etc. Mama's voice does get quite annoying, after everything you do all you hear is '"Even better than Mama" which is still cute and fun but can be annoying.

Let's cook and contests

This part is fun where you cook as different people from Mamas family and you can only get perfect or well done, anything less and you fail. It was fun and I enjoyed this. The contest was another fun part where you can also play with friends using Wi-Fi where you compete to do as many certain things as possible.

The game overall is very fun and it has made me want to buy the third one which I hope has some little improvements and an even wider selection of recipes. The game is quite feminine so it may not be to everyone's taste and should be made more neutral. But I would defiantly recommend this game.