I really wish other developers would follow Konami and start making GOOD new installments of their classics.

User Rating: 9.9 | Contra: Shattered Soldier PS2
This is one of the few PS2 games that gave me faith that, perhaps, modern gaming won't go down the toilet after all. I have two words that describe Shattered Solider quite perfectly. KICK ASS In fact, that's the only thing you'll be thinking as Contra: Shattered Solider hands it to you throughout the entire process of playing it. This game will hurt you so bad, you'll want to get better and better. Your thumbs will be bleeding but you'll be smiling. Reminds me of the good old days where games wouldn't let you play through the whole thing on easy mode. Where you could never run out of ammo but the game wouldn't run out of ways to beat you into a pulp. I'm sorry, but if you don't like killing 50 billion enemies who can each kill you just as easily in an action packed slaughter fest, you should't be playing games. Go back to your easy modes and cheat codes. If you can't take it, get out. If you don't like SS, it's probably because SS doesn't like you. Solid and repsonsive controls. NO CHEAP HITS. No dull moments. This is what Contra is all about. The hit rate system encourages you to KILL EVERYTHING, as Contra should be. And the weapon changing feature keeps you from killing yourself over power up pickups. If Konami keeps things up with this game, I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't get on the boat.