One of the very best you can find on the GBA!

Simply put, this game is AWESOME! It also possesses a big challenge even in Normal mode. Everything's beautifully detailed and colorful. I love the fact that the characters express what they're feeling during times of dialog. I remember seeing the anime sometime back and the game pretty much captures all (if not more) of what's in the anime. Plus, there's a few cameos in there, too. The very best part that I like is the part when it turns in to a side scrolling shooter! That is when things get REAL fun! It kinda puts me in the mind of R-Type except a bit better. I also love the Hyper Beam that he uses by pressing the R button. This game was somewhat hard to find used and very rare brand new. I picked it up at a pawn shop and haven't regretted it since. If you can find this game, GET IT!!