Are the cute nintendo characters just going to turn into cliche badasses?

User Rating: 8 | Super Smash Bros. Melee GC
This game is a lot of fun. Despite its look, its actually pretty violent in a way.
I mean, cartoonish characters pummeling and blasting each other up, pretty strange, but pretty cool.

The game is basically like the original. Its a 2d form fighting game in 3rd. There are a lot of characters to play, each with their own specail moves and levels. All the characters from the original are back and a lot more.

The game is so simple, yet it has a lot of depth. You could just jump around and punch, kick, and throw, but there are alot of items and weapons to use. All the items and weapons are different, and also used differently. There will be bombs, guns, swords, even poke balls. The poke balls, in my opinion are the most fun, you throw them and a random pokemon comes out and does its very own moves, there are a lot of pokemon too, it s fun to see all of them. There are many mini games, and competition modes. There can be special fights, and a little mini game played by all the characters that resembles the gameplay and style of the original mario games.

The game is great. Its very fun to play with your friends, not that fun to play alone, but its a party type game.