Isn't bad, but isn't as good as it could be

This is a good game, interesting, with a lot of potential, but alas, es an od fashined, old school game, and if you strip the fancy graphics, you may believe this is a Playstation or N64 game (in fact, it feels like a N64 era- game). There is a lot to do in this game, like explore warehouses (more than 70% of the history seems to be in WAREHOUSES or buildings that, no matter what the game say, look a lot like WAREHOUSES!!!! ) By the way, the nme couldn't be better: the whole game feels EMPTY, and most of the time you only run ALONE across the complex, trying to figure what to do to access the next level... :( The idea is not bad, an the game is based in Masamune Shirou's Ghost in the Shell (Gits) (as you may know), but, while the original GitS is well paced and has a deep and impactant story, here the pace is slow (almost narcotic) and there is anything impactant here. the controls are fine, they do their job (but nothing more) The graphics are fine, and also the sound... but again, they do their job and nothing else.