CONflict: Denied Ops is an abysmal game which is: unrealistic, frustrating, annoying, awkward, and overall downright....

User Rating: 1.5 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
TERRIBLE!!! This game is probably the worst pc shooter game I've played bar-none. The controls feel awkward and are a very strange configuration for most shooters. Another thing that really irks me is that on co-op, if both players die, the mission fails and you must restart the entire mission from the beginning (because saves make too much sense right? Who would ever need to save their game?) , not to mention that you cannot pause during gameplay (in co-op, I mean) . You also: cannot pick up enemies weapons, fire blanks from your sniper rifle and paintballs from your pistol (if you get what I meant here, then thanks.) , or have a satisfying first-person-shooter experience with a friend or by yourself. The only upside to this game is the destructible environment and the big booms you get from shooting exposive barrels and such. Other than that, I cannot possibly fathom how anyone could have fun playing this game. It's almost like the creators knew that this crap would piss me off, so they added it in. Thanks so much PIVOTAL GAMES! Don't waste your money like I did, save it for something worthwhile, like for farcry 2 (why fcry2? bcause the ad was on this page while I'm typing this so I'm using it as a random example) or the bourne conspiracy or something along those lines. So, this game starts with a score of ten and im going to grade it and remove points for errors:

-1 for corny characters
-5 for nearly bulletproof enemies
-3 for inability to take enemy weapons
+.5 for explosions Total score: 1.5
Congradulations designers of CDO! You FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!! But honestly gamers, don't waste your time or money on this waste of matter.