The best smash bros that you will be enjoying for years to come.

This review will be very long. Read at own risk....

The Subspace Emissary:

The Subspace Emissary is a mildly long single player or co-op adventure. It's the fastest way to unlock all the characters in the game. You go through all of these platforming stages fighting off enemies and bosses. As you proceed, new characters are introduced and you can play as any of them. The controls can feel a little sticky sometimes because of the fighting layout of the buttons while you're platforming but it is still very playable and only a teeny tiny flaw. Once you beat the Subspace Emissary, you can go back and complete levels fully although the bad thing is sometimes you can never seem to figure out what you missed and might wind up using a walkthrough. Same thing with some characters because a few of them are hiding and you might have no idea where to look to unlock them.

Overall the SSE is a great single player or co-op experience that adds a lot of replay value to the game. Make sure you play it

Classic Mode:

Classic mode has been in all 3 of the Smash Bros. You fight certain characters that eventually lead up to the final boss Master Hand. The characters you fight can be in many different types of forms: 2 against you and an Ally, Metal, a bunch of the same guys, Giant with an ally helping you, Giant and you by yourself, or 3 against you. A flaw is that the mode is too predictable. Almost every time you play you will realize that you face Zelda people first, then Diddy and Donkey Kong, and other things like that. Another bad thing is that they got rid of Snag the Trophies. It was fun to kick trophies into the middle thing too add to your collection but it's gone now. Other than that it's a great mode to play.


Play online with your friends or with random people. All stages and characters can be used. But one thing is you can't use custom stages which is very bad. In friend match the rules are fully customizable. You can also use taunts with short phrases which is pretty cool but not the best substitute for voice chat. However these taunts cannot be used in random matches nor can you see anyone elses name in random matches. Oh and in random matches you can only do 2 minute matches and no stock or anything else which is kinda dumb. Also sometimes you can never find random people and it might get frustrating and hopefully Nintendo will fix the servers. A cool thing is up to 3 people on the same Wii can play in Friend matches against friends, I never tried it but I bet it's fun. One other minor flaw is that there is a lot of lag sometimes but most of the time it runs pretty smoothly.

Other things:

Build you own stages is cool however I find it extremely limited because you cant build stages similar to the Mario Kart stages and things like that but it's still a great addition.

A very big wall of unlockable content. You'll be amazed as to what some of the objectives are to unlocking some things like for example: "Brawl for 100 hours". It basically adds so much replay value and challenges to the game.

The graphics for this game are really great. The SSE cutscenes are beautiful to look at and so are the characters. Especially the furry characters. The amount of detail in some effects are great to and the game runs at a full 60 fps which is awesome.

The sound is OMG incredible. There's tons and tons of music from franchises. It is one of the best soundtracks in a video game ever. There's hardly any voice overs but you dont need them because everything speaks for itself and you can tell whats going on easily. The characters do talk in taunts and certain moves and Kirby is pretty cute when he says "Falcon Punch." The announcer in this game is different form the last one and may seem annoying at first but you get used to it.

What sucks is although there are Melee stages, there are no N64 stages. I was really looking forward to playing the old Zelda stage and some others but can't.

Limited demos are included. You can play games like F-Zero or Starfox 64 for a few minutes which is kinda fun. However some of the time limits are ridiculous. Some games you can only play 43 seconds of. It might be enough to get me to buy the game but I would like to try it out for at least a little longer. At least I can play the demos as much as I like.

There a lot more then what I said so if you own a Wii pick up this game right now. You'll be playing it for months or even years to come. Great job Nintendo and HAL Lab