Remembering the fun I had with some of Pivotal's earlier games, I decided to give CDO a try.

User Rating: 2.5 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
Even in spite of the negative- to- tepid reviews I had read, I figured what the heck, let's roll the dice and see if perhaps something good comes up.

Big mistake. In the case of Conflict : Denied Ops, nothing & I mean NOTHING, good comes up. Now I know why so many gamers who have played it gave it a 1 or 2 rating. There is from what I've experienced no redeeming or enjoyable aspects to save this thing from the rubbish pile. Eidos should be collectively flogged for releasing a retro pile of crap like this in the Year Of Our Lord 2008. Perhaps if this title had come out 6 or 7 years ago it might at least qualify for the bare minimum standards for a decent shooter game....but its unforgiveable in today's world, especially when it carries the VERY non-value game price of $39.95 US. Or the very same selling price as any number of top-notch pc titles have sold for in recent years, to put it in comparative perspective.

CDO reeks of dated console-to-port technology and design. From the horribly outdated, low poly count graphics and bad lighting effects, to missing textures and primitive character modeling, clunky manual save sytem and ham-fisted control setup....the game manages to get so many things wrong it staggers the mind. Not that I was remotely expecting another Crysis, CoD4, STALKER or Far Cry here, but at least someting as workmanlike & enjoyable as Conflict Desert Storm...a game which came out 6 years ago, in 2002. Instead, the devs have handed us a game which looks and plays like a title from perhaps 1998 or thereabouts, if that.

I could go on and on about this game's lack of creative level design, repetitive and uninspired gameplay, inability to pick up weapons or carry more than 2 of the same boring guns at a time (did I mention the bad graphics ?), hackneyed dialog, etc., but I think you are getting the picture.

In summary : if you've already spent good money on this, my condolences.
If you are thinking of spending money on it...DON'T.