It's like playing a bad action movie; shooting people side by side with Chuck Norris but not getting away with the girl.

User Rating: 3 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
This game doesn't break any boundaries while other new games do, or at least try to. It isn't a bad thing that this game isn't groundbreaking but it isn't as enjoyable as any mindless shooter you'll come across these days.

Sorry to say that I didn't finish this shooting-extravaganza because I was fed up with the somehow disappearing of my save files. This sometimes forced me to go through a complete level full of the game's wonderful explosions, boring gameplay and the same enemies over and over again. The game does put you in varied locations all around the world. But the levels are not worth playing over and over again.

So, you'll be playing as some sort of war veteran that still wields it's machinegun like the proud American he is but also as, my surprise was as gigantic as the lack of originality in this game, a rookie with a sniper rifle who thinks he can take care of everything himself. These two go great together. While shooting bad guys they send each other to every corner of the battlefield, while spitting out cool one-liners like "Die motherf***er" and "Get up it's just a scratch". Too bad I already saw dozens of action movies that do the very same thing.

The manoeuvring of your partner to the places you want him to be has been done pretty good; you can het him to follow your lead, to give covering fire and you can place him almost anywhere you want. Allthough you have to be careful with choosing locations because when the enemy is closer than you think your buddy can't save himself and he needs your magic medical potion to get him on his feet again.

So that's it. Wether your shooting Russians at the South Pole, or sneaking past rebels in Africa the game will feel old, dull and uninspired with still a couple of nice finished off details but that won't keep you coming back to this shooter.