this game is god awful

User Rating: 1.5 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
this game is terrible the graphics are awful the single player mode is short and easy the co-op mode is akward there,s no enviroment damadge the online mode....well the less said about that the better
id rather download an arcade game off xbox live than pay the moeny to rent or buy this game as for the on line the graphics were blocky as hell as was the enviroment with no interaction was just unbearable should of stayed on the drawing board.
conflict should stay with the old consol's and thay should stop giving us crap and give us some thin nextgen
for our nextgen consol..or the conflict series should just quit while there ahead and stop making games all togther...there are plenty of FPS out there you should play befor this one,HALO 3,UNREAL 3,BIOSHOCK,CALL OF DUTY 4,QUAKE WARS,FUEL OF WAR FRONTLINES,