A game that will feel real BAD in the beginning but if you give it a chance you see it has a realistic tactical style!

User Rating: 6 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
The graphics in the game are bad as you can see and sound is nothing special overally yes this is a bad game people talking about busted stuff well it aint the best but it aint totaly crap the truth is that YES I ACTUALLY SAID TO MYSELF IN THE BEGINNING THE GAME SUCKS BUT I GAVE IT A CHANCE AND IT GAVE ME SOME FUN!

Starting in the beginning i figured that i have two characters first the controls are bad like right click orders shift aim and middle click no sprint button grenade throwing takes a while and ctrl switches between weapons and if you hold it down you switch inventory same goes for grenades, so in the beginning you got two characters a sniper and a mahinegunner the sniper got a 9mm silenced pistol and the machine gunner a desert eagle magnum silent pistol also they got smoke grenades and frag grenades no flash bangs in any case the bad point is that the sniper rilfe is weak like a air rilfe and the machine gun is LMG light machine gun, overraly id like to use more weapons tha those too, the crappy thing is that i shot someone 4 tiems with the sniper rilfe and the scope is also bad, another bad thing is the night vision that feels like the character is feeling dizzy its like there is water in the goggles, the ai works like this they see you BAAAAAA you are dead, the game has checkpoints but if you fall down you can switch character and you go 4 minutes to revive him before dying here id like to say that the space key doors climbs up and revives one mistake and you gonna wind up dead, in any case ai does two things they see you they shoot you and if youare close they hit you with thieir weapon you can hit too with...THE SPACE KEY!!!!! So if you wanna revive your teammate or bash someone or open a door you might accidenlty do the action you dont want to! also ai does take over and you can flank them!, there are also vehicles in the game a BMP light anti personal tank and a a hovercraft but you dont use em much also there is a machiinegun turret which is relly hard to use!

The good points are that levels are just like movies eg one is an area in Africa that you help government against rebels or a ship full of terrorist that you can sneak like splinter cell and save the terrorists or some terrorist base in Venezuela or in syberia some Russian base with hover crafts a lab and a castle it has 12 levels i think a little longer than crysis mainly combat is considered average and the sniper character sucks cuz you cant hit anything and his sniper rilfe ins very weak like a paintball, there is also a mission that you cover one character with you sniper rilfe to sneak in the factory and follow the bad guy silently or eliminate a drunken Russian patrol in a snowy level just like a movie! also after every mission character get upgrades silencer for sniper rifle or a shotgun under the sniper rifle flash bang grenades more ammo for the machine gun and a grenade launcher under the machinegun or a rocket launcher to take out tanks and choppers yes you take out a few tanks and choppers there are tacttics in the game like attack fall back follow go there you can flank with one character and use cover fire with the outher however some things are eird eg a machine gunner rocket launcher character doesnt have the demolition charges the sniper has them, over rally a cheap low budget game for tactical players if you look for cod4 or a great fps dont buy but a morden brother in arms go for it! Good levels too!