Need help with some achievements

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I need help with this achievement because i don't get it GimmeDaGold is the achievement. Have 100,000 cr to your name. Is that the credits on your profile totalled together(overall credits) or that amount of credits at one period of time need help asap. Also I need help with the following Awesome Kill- Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. Blaster Kill- Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. Killer Kill- Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. Ultra Kill- Kill 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. If u would like to help me get the following ones please message me back with in game name & friend code as you only need one person to enter it as u just reply saying yes or no.
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sure I can help. we need 5 more guys for ultra kill tho, so post this same msg on gamefaqs and other sites k? Also I need to get blaster kill, killer kill, and ultra kill as well, I'll help u if u help me?
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are u a pal fc (england), i already have 2 other people on gamefaqs that are gonna help me, whats ur name on gamefaqs.
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I don't have a gamefaqs account rly, I just look up ppls posts about how they rage about weapons and stuff. My FC is 3310-7730-0201 Do u know how to turn region lock off by the way? Also, tell me the date and timee and stuff as well as your fc. See ya!
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And no, I don't have a PAL wii. Can we still connect though?
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dude by pal fc i mean you have to have a english fc code on conduit 2,if you dont have a pal fc code then we cant add each other as friends because the makers make it so you can only add people in you region which is annoying & can you use gamefraqs as im on there more, telll me what you are going to use please.