Samus is back to make one of the best sequels of all time!!!!!!!!

GAMEPLAY: So Samus returns with new gadgets, new levels, new enemies, and new upgrades. Same crazy Metroid Prime gadgets I love are replaced with better ones. Very lengthy, lots of puzzles, bosses, huge land, and a very challenging game.

GRAPHICS: Amazing graphics and some of the best for the cube. Presentation is excellent and has lots of color and enriched environments that have lots of effort in the design.

SOUND: I'm not a critic for sound so it doesn't matter to me but still it sounds nice and suspenseful.

TILT: Control scheme is easy (if you played Metroid Prime), and Samus controls well. VALUE: Value is high since it's $20 and is lengthy keeping you busy for 50+ hours and you should enjoy all moments.

REPLAY VALUE: Moderate or medium for you can play about three times through or two which is still a lot for the game.

CONCLUSION: A highly recommended game that is lengthy, fun and cheap. One of the best metroid games ever made. P.S. - This is also my review for Metroid Prime