After completely finishing this game I can truthfully say it is amazing

Borderlands which I got shortly after it came out is absolutely filled with fun. I have never had so much fun or spent so much time with another game like this one.

For one the art style is perfect for this game. Borderlands is not a very serious game and its main objective is for the player to be having fun and laughing at the crazy catch phrases of the enemies and characters and the hilarious cutscenes for the bosses; not to mention the audio logs that are also very fun. This also contributes to a major flaw in the game being that there is not story present here. You basically are trying to get into a vault that supposedly contains ancient alien technology thats totally worth the incredibly long game.

The campaign is VERY long and the lengthy side missions add to this and make for a more interesting game. These unfortunately do not add to the story at all and do not shed any light on the characters or any characters for that matter. They are simply tasked asked of you by other people. They are usually simple and involve battling crazy bosses which give you valuable and unique loot to collecting things for people. The planet this takes place on, Pandora, is a planet torn with chaos with bandits, looters, and the various weapon companies that patrol its sandy ruins looking for the same thing you are. There are always enemies to fight which means there are always more weapons to find. That is where the fun begins. The sheer amount of weapons in the game is crazy. There must be over a million unique weapons to choose from. While unique I do have o admit that many are just the same weapon with different attachments or a different element with it. elements are the things that boost your weapons power. There are four in all being corrosive, shock, fire, and explosive which are all very satisfying to use. I enjoy all of them especially the harder to find explosive weapons but my favorite is by far corrosive. There is nothing better than watching an enemy slowly dissolve after you worked hard to defeat him. The enemies in the game are not like others as they take a while to kill. Two or three shots with almost never put an enemy down unless you are a very high level but most enemies level up as you do to make the game a challenge no matter where you go.

In the original game there are 50 levels (69 with the third and fourth dlc) each with their own point that the player achieves by gaining that level. You get experience from killing enemies to completing missions (the usual). With these points you can distribute them to various categories with your character. For example my strongest character was the hunter (sniper) where I could distribute my points to make my bullets go straight through enemy shields or make my pistols rate of fire greatly increase. Each class has a select skill for example. Hunter (sniper), siren (sub-machine gun), soldier (machine guns), and brick (melee and rockets). Each one has abilities that directly benefit their weapon of choice but each character has the ability to use every weapon type. Also each character has a special attack which is unique to the character you choose (the hunter for example has a bird that attacks enemies) which you can equip with any element to greaten its power. There are also class mods to choose from. These are found in game all around Pandora and can do anything from increase rate of fire to increase shield or directly affect your special power. As you can see Gearbox was kind enough to add some RPG elements to the game without changing its shooter base. It still plays like a shooter using the controls from major shooter. Also the weapons glow certain colors making it easier to determine which weapons are the best. In order from rarity there is white, blue, purple, orange, and (with the addition of the third dlc) cyan better known are pearl weapons. All of this makes the game easier and way more fun to play for all players.

This game also allows you to play splitscreen co-op and up to four players on live. This is not like deathmatch but you basically do the campaign with a buddy or buddies. This is much more enjoyable than by yourself as I found myself bored when alone. There was no one I could talk to about how funny it was. So I got my brother and friend to play and it was much more fun. There are also duels to use in arenas (no point really because they get boring) or where ever you want. these are very fun as all you need to do is melee your friend and if he/she melees back than you duel. There is no penalty to loosing you just get revived and continue on your way. There are cars for you to travel with and with the third dlc all four friends can travel in the same car (two in original).

Now with the dlc. There are four of them and I know that each one has its own seperate page but it is easier to do them here. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ONE DLC TO BUY GET THE SECRET ARMORY OF GENERAL KNOXX it is by far the best of them all. The first dlc is "The zombie Island of Dr. Zed/Ned (forgot which one... you will understand if you play). This takes you to an island where you need to find a cure for a zombie sickness that is spreading. There is no new level cap here and not many valuable loot but the gameplay and the characters are very fun. This dlc is also very funny. I would give this dlc an 8.5/10.

The second is "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot" which is essentially a hoard game mode were you are pitted against wave after wave of enemies. You get loot after each wave and there is either a bonus or something that hurts you for each round. There are also "super" modes for each arena which take roughly 2-3 hours to complete (these are horribly annoying). Overall it receives a 7/10.

The third dlc is the "Secret Armory of General Knoxx" which is amazing. This dlc adds upwards to 9 hours of gameplay if you do all the missions for an achievement. This adds and interesting story that progresses after the campaign where one of the gun companies sends more troops to take over Pandora. Your goal is to destroy (and loot) their armory. this is very fun as you gain so many valuable weapons it is hard to count. There is also a final boss which can be battled over and over to find the pearl weapons. Excellent a 9.5/10.

The forth is the "...New Robot Revolution" which also continues after the story with the finals and confusing scene with the claptrap after you beat the original game. ClapTraps are sick of their slavery and rebel and take over the residents of Pandora. Your goal is to stop them. This was very short and added a very funny and interesting story but not much loot. This one gets an 8.5/10. (I have a full review of this one if interested)

Overall this game is amazing. I have not had this much fun playing a video game in a long time. I very much hope for a sequel and if anyone is debating whether to buy this game you definitely should. Both Shooter players and RPG players will find things they like.