"This is more pathetic than that game of Marco Polo i played with Hellen Keller" - Stewie

In Family Guy you will play as Stewie, Peter or Brian. I will review every of the modes.

You begin with Stewie in the game. His Gameplay is about jumping and shooting with an very crappy raygun at very crappy enemies. The weapon design is crappy because you never see the gun (except for the cut-scences). Sometimes you will be loving his gameplay. Sometimes you will hate it. All the jumps are about exact precision. If you will be one mm wrong you will fall down. You wont die, but you will start all over again. Some levels are funny but all the gameplay is repeating. Most objectives are undescribing and only says one ore two things. Most likely "Kill All Enemies" or "Glide to the end". Most likely Get to point A to point B and kill all the enemies without the fun. All the enemies are the same. The grapichs are nice celshading, but the crappy camera makes all look mediocre. The grapichs stings out in the cut-scenes. But for an game based on Family Guy its absolutley to few of them. About 5 in stewies storyline. There is about 8 missions but every area has 2 parts so maybe 4 new areas only. Too short, and the level design dosent feel interesting. Stewie is one of the best characters in Family Guy, absolutley the most crazy, but it has good cut-scenes and an good storyline,´he could have his own game, but longer and more interesting gameplay. Stewies story is that he is out to kill his brother Berthram for world domination.
Stewies part of this game gets: 6/10

BEAT E´M UP! Is this game type. Peter is funny to play but he lacks with most of the problems that Stewie has. Ex. The Too short storyline and to few cutscenes. But anyway Peters mode is at some places frustrating and some places great. For every new area you have an difrent outfit. You will be an Black Disco guy named Rufus, an hooker and the A.N.N.A but it would be nice too be able to choose and play as all outfits. But you will want many more. They are all good but in the levels it sometimes gets really frutrating and you sometimes curse this game to hell. Some times you will get cornered with diffrent enemies and the worst part is that every one needs diffrent kinds off combos to kill. Ex. the kids needs a kick and the adults needs three punches.So wen you have 3 kids, 2 swats, 4 adults and some old peapole you are, beleve it or not, f**ked. Peters story is, um, very strange. He wakes up at the hospital after watching 5 strait doys off Mr. Belvedere on tv... and an antenna fell on his head. Now he thinks that Mr.Belevadere has kidnapped his Family and he is going out tos save them and every innocent freaking soul that stands in his way.
Peters part of this game gets: 6/10

What the **** is this guy doing here? I mean he is an good character in the series, but i wouldent know how too figure out how he will have an game. Brians part is the shortest luckily for it is also the suckiest. All the goals is to pick up diffrent stuff and exit. IN STEATH! And the crappy camera makes that an real challenge. And when you are caught you will get busted and sent back to the last checkpoint.. Sucks dosent it. Brians story is that he is framed for making an dog pragnent. Uninteresting? Well, with the few cut-scenes the story will develop less than half of an Episode.

This game feels like it has been rushed up and all of the gameplays feels old and reapitive, but its Family Guy! So except great and fun voiceacting. But the grapichs are solid but all the enemies is mostly the same. Then there is an handfull of " Non-Sequitors" in this game, kinda like mini minigames. It has its moments and it has charm so you can enjoy this but you will sometimes get pissed. Trust me.