Sonic: Hes back, hes blue, and hes AWSOME

Sonic and the Secret Rings brings back everything that made the Sonic series the Sonic series. And we all are happy about that. The story starts with Sonic falling asleep while reading the Arabian Knights storybook. (he can read!?) And he is then awoken by a genie who says that an evil Djinn is trying to destroy the book, so... Sonic runs off to save it, and he finds out that he has to find seven rings to stop the Djinn. So, from there, you rune off and do a large variety of missions, there are some where you collect so many rings, or mabey you have to go through without defeating enemies. No matter what, its a REALLY fun. Except for one thing... THE CONTROLS SUCK. They are hardly responsive, and its hard to control Sonic's speed as he is constantly moving forward. You can get some skills that make controling him easier... but not by much. Away from the only suckish part of this game, you can gain expierence after each level, and as you level up, you get new skills, which you can assign to a skill ring before you start a mission. Each skill costs some skill points, and if you remove the skill from the ring, you get the skill points back.

ANYWAYS, aside from the 1p campaign, there is a kickass multiplayer mode, you can take on minigames that range from knocking the characters off of giant towers with spkied ball-and-chains, to shooting down pirate ships. You can unlock new minigames to expand you collection.

Overall, this game brings back everything that maked Sonic such an amazing franchise. And boy is it fun. w00t Sonic Team!