I feel bad....I got army of two over this?!?!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Condemned 2 X360
But a buddy happened to rent this game over the last weekend, didn't like it and let me play it.

I'm amazed at this game. Extremely fun.

Now I know every game has flaws and this game is no different. But the amount of things you could consider a flaw or bad was to me, issues concerning, "well maybe if I had this type of weapon" or "I wish I could do that.".

To me I don't consider that a flaw. I judge a game on the content it has within it and that alone. Unless it's content such as saying the game "The darkness" had no parts in the game where it was dark. Though that of course is a lie, I hope you get my point. Missing content in my book is a genre of a game better have something relating to that type of label.

Condemned 2 is an Action-Adventure-like game and it fits that bill perfectly.

-Compared to the first Condemned (Which I played and beat) these graphics are wonderful.
-Technically wise, it ran smoothly for me and I didn't experience any drop in frame rate

-The atmosphere of the game is just dreadful (in a good way) the walls would be covered in a nasty thick black blood/tar on some levels, others were haunting doll factory, a drab (in a good way) museum that felt empty of content from looters but filled with thieves and dread. Run-down apartments and other such levels played there part.
-Varied level design btw

-Brutal hand-to-hand combos that add depth and a feeling of last resort when your weapon breaks in the middle of a fight.
-Varied melee-weapons added more depth then the last game.
-The blood and gore of this game is excessive and beautiful whilst it flows from the foes you beat down or shoot.
-Gore in its own part is more evident then the last game and that to me is a good thing.

-Some parts of the story can be gripping when you pay attention enough.
-The new forensic system is more deep then the last game and pretty engaging.
-Characters (Main ones of course) are likable or hateable enough.
-More boss fights make it interesting
-Extras in the game like practice mode is pretty cool

-The sound of the game is haunting and creepy and scary and intense and all that good stuff.
-The crunch and smash of punches, melee sound terrific.
-Guns sound good.
-Enemies are funny to listen to.

-Story on the most part at the end just confused the hell out of me.
-Voice acting is passable at best
-Multiplayer is just way too tacked on.
-AI needs a little encouragement to be triggered sometimes.
-A giant metal crazy man can be killed with one arrow?!?!?
-I would have loved at least 20 hours of gameplay instead of 10.

Fantastic gruesome engaging scary violent game with depth in the fighting and forensics systems. Some light flaws such as multiplayer issues and story complications are evident but do little to hamper this game for me.

A rent for wary gamers and a must buy for fans of the original.

But hey, this is my opinion, you don't like it, whatever, it's me typing this all out not you.