Call of Duty meets Age of Empires

User Rating: 9.6 | Company of Heroes PC
Gameplay: This game will not have much of a learing curve if you have played Age of Empires or Warcraft so its easy to get in to. The campain is long and provides alot of intense strategic battles for you to play and the online multiplayer provides lasting appeal. The online is very fun as it reminds me of both Call of Duty and Age of Empires. You can zoom in on the battles and watch your little troops fight for their life and country. 10

Graphics: If you have a 17"+ moniter and GeForce 7600GT/8600GT or higher you will be in for a beutifull treat. With my 8600GT I can have all the eye candy on and this has some GREAT detail for a RTS game. 10

Sound: Not quite as real sounding as the CoD series, but this game captures the sound of war. The gunshots just seem weird to me tho. 9

Value: With a lengthy campain and great online this should last RTS fans awile! 10

OVERALL - 9.6 Superb!