A great formula.Fantastic graphics and a extremly fun gameplay.You can love it or you can hate it.There is no compromise

You start a game as an assassin which name is Altair.When you came to fight your greatest enemy you irresponsably brake all three rules of your creed.Your master decides that he must kill you but he dosen't want to lose his best man,so he just makes a show in front of the others and really spares you.Now you have to start from the beginning without all of your blades,strenght and knowlege.Your mission is to kill nine different men and every time you kill one of them you are awarded by getting weapons and knowlege.
Assassin's creed is definitely the game which can be leveled with the greatest games of all times.The graphics are apsolutely breath-taking and stunning. Concerning the gameplay one of the examples is the killing.You can kill an opponent in high profile or in low profile.You can wait for him to go to a place with a few gards and kill every one of them quietly or you can take your blade out and kill all of the guards including your target in a cool and legendary way.
I have only three bigger remarks for this game.One is that it is darn too short,another one is that it is waaaaaay too easy.The third and maybe the biggest one is that the ending is stupid and dosen't have any seance,but it opens a window of opprortunity for Assassin's creed 2.