A fresh twist to RTS..... think battfefield 1942 but much updated and on a RTS level. Excellent overall game.

User Rating: 9 | Company of Heroes PC
The reason why I say think Battlefield 1942, is because...
The world war 2 setting gives it away as the obvious, however, in order to complete campaigns, skirmishes and mulitplayer, nodes need to be captured, these in turn, offer resources. The resources include Man Power, Fuel and Ammunition. You play and battle as either the Allies or Axis, only 2 factions which is a small let down, however, when you take in the scope and scale of the game, this fraction is barely noticable as you frantically take control of European land.

The games pace is great in the sense that it keeps you on your toes, while allowing you time to set up your base and base defences, a well balanced system that current RTS's lack. With this in mind the UI and gameplay is sensible, while there is a high level of complexity (especially if you are new to RTS), the design and layout allow for quick and easy managing, leaving you those few great seconds to zoom in and see the devistation up close and person with the highly destructible terrain and excellent rag doll physics.

The story in the single player campaign is fixed and well paced (like every aspect of the game). Starting off with Omaha beach on D-Day and following through the events, jumping back a few hours here and there to fill the gaps. Not a bad thing at all, as this adds to immersion that CoH has to offer.

The Gamespot review of this game does it justice. On a personal opinion, I do believe this to be a grounding for future RTS's. The inclusion of base building while micro managing squads of integrated and on-field upgradable units add a modern trend to the overly done WW2 theme in games makes CoH by far the freshest beathe of air I have had the luxury of having in a long time. World in Conflict is not to be missed if you enjoy this.