I just cant believe my eyes!

User Rating: 9.6 | Company of Heroes PC
Company of Heroes is the typical RELIC game,evolutioned,fun,totally inmersive and inredibly adictive.From the first videos you find yourself completely inmersed in the story,the textures,the sound,you even feel sad when you loose soldiers (uhm... maybe I got too envolved)
The gameplay is similar to Warhammer Dawn of war but very improved and you find something I have never seen before in any RTS game,the total logic of everything,that guy had a machinegun now he is dead so I can grab it,in that location I can find ammo so I capture it and my ammo reserves are increased,my tank got a hit in the engine so now it cant move,etc...everything makes sense

The most notable think about CoH is the realism,bullets does no harm to a tank or structure but an explosion can easily whipe out a whole squad of soldiers.When your troops get too many casualities or find themselves in a dead zone they will become "pinned" and whont attack or move because they feel threatened so your squads have "feelings" and dont obey your orders as if you where some sort of GOD,so ilogic kamikaze attacks are impossible.The damage balance is absolutely perfect, a tank can destroy a squad with only one shoot but he can miss or your troops can throw him a "sticky bomb" or grenade so its realy up to you whether you kill him or not,whether you win or lose.

The amount of options you have is unbelievable,houses can be turned into forward barracs,mines,sandbags and tank traps can be build anywhere,some squads can be upgadded whith bazooka,machinegun or both of them,you can call all sorts of reinforcements,direct artillery strikes or airborne bombardment.Your strategy and tactics will be very important because you must know how to defend this or that location,you can no longuer entrench yourself in you base,you must go out there, grab territory and defend it,and decide where and whent the attack takes place and which units you will use

Another great feature is the stroy,everobody knows it but in this game you will find yourself in the battlefield and feel like if you where writing the it (man I got realy involved!)The cutscenes are great and the story is veridic,no strange adds or things like that.

So,if you are a RTS freak like me you will find this game one of the best of all times,the realism,the action,the grafics,the sound will knock you down because believe me when I say this is a SUPERB game

P.S.:Sorry for my english