Great RTS's are hard to come by. I can count the ones Ive loved on 1 hand. This one is better than them all.

User Rating: 9.6 | Company of Heroes PC
Company of Hero’s is the breakthrough RTS game we have all been waiting for. If the extremely high reviews (PC Gamer 96%, IGN 9.4 Gamespot 90 and so on) do not impress you than take my word for it. This is the best game to come out in years, let alone RTS. Why is this game so good? Let me explain….

Graphics: The graphics on this game are extremely astounding. The characters are greatly detailed, the terrain is vivid and alive, and the explosions make me duck for cover…ok maybe I don’t duck for cover but you know what I mean. The games graphics set it aside from any other RTS game to date, and it’s definitely this games high point. Not to mention the game has a TON of cut scenes through the campaign, and they are a joy to watch and add to the emotional experience.

One of the most impressive things about this game is the terrain and what happens to it. When a game is fresh, trees stand tall and buildings tower over the ground. At the end of the game… trees are toppled and buildings are desolated. Everything in the environment can be destroyed, thanks to your clicking finger.

Brilliant sounding fire fights, explosions make my house shake. It’s extremely well polished and crisp. The squads will cry, scream, yell, curse, encourage, and cheer. The sound is perfect in this game.

Computer AI: Computer AI has always been a low point in RTS games. The AI in Company of Hero’s is so good, that I spent most of my games in skirmishes and not online. The computer feels very smart but not to the point where it’s cheating. The AI flanks you, dodges grenades, and just overall fun as hell to play against.

Multiplayer/Online: When I buy RTS games I buy them to play online. Most the time I don’t even play campaigns (but I made an exception for this game, because the campaign is so original and fun). So my biggest concern was whether the online play would be fun and lag free or laggy and lame. I’ve played 5 online games and experienced no lag at all. Online play is as smooth as playing single player, and the online interface is clear and easy to navigate. I’ve 100% pleased with everything about the multiplayer. It’s about time a game got it right!

Well there you go, that’s just a sample of the great things to expect in Company of Hero’s. There are so many more things I could sit here and write about, but frankly I want to get back to the game!

Cheers -Slunk